Network Implementation

Get connected.

Dtech designs and builds networks that enhance office performance. We implement networks from scratch or help maintain existing networks, and can build and maintain Windows 2008, 2012, and Linux Networks. Let Dtech recommend and setup a VPN (Virtual Private Network) into your office that will allow you to access your files from anywhere over the Internet. From a simple peer-to-peer network, to a complete office network, to Internet connectivity with a Firewall, Dtech has the solution for you!

Network Monitoring

When you use Dtech Computer Solutions you can finally take a vacation and leave all the IT work to us. We constantly monitor our clients networks to resolve issues before they arise. Our team of technicians monitor for slow or failing components from emails to applications to web servers to the overall health of the network itself.

Dtech can monitor the following Networks

  • A Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • A Corporate local-area Network (LAN)
  • A Wireless Network
  • A Wired Network
  • A service provider’s wide-area Network (WAN)